Saturday, May 29, 2010

D-144 Abstract

Going out of town so I had to do a quick shot today
This one might make a nice canvas. What do you think?

abstract flower

Have a great weekend.

No reading yet
Rangerfinder Magazine May 2010
Practical Photography read on "Creative nature"


snaphappee said...

This is fabulous! So sharp and clear! Yes, I think you should get it on a canvas! How did you shoot this?

SimplyKuni said...

Beautiful hues of pink and lavender. This could definitely be put on canvas.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful details and lovely lighting on this shot. I think the black background has really helped the edges stand out.

greygirl25 said...

Beautiful. The detail is outstanding.

Have a wonderful trip.

AB said...

Very pretty

Anonymous said...

love the lighting on this one. I much prefer this one to the one before.

Jennifer said...

so pretty!

When I put one Friday on hold.. I was wrong on which challenge. Duh.
By then I wasn't sure what do with Abstract. Maybe I don't get it.


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