Friday, May 21, 2010

D-136 Friday Challenge is Bokeh

... a photographers dream isn't?

According to Wikipedia:
"In photography, bokeh is the blur,[1][2] or the aesthetic quality of the blur,[3][4][5] in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light."[6] Differences in lens aberrations and aperture shape cause some lens designs to blur the image in a way that is pleasing to the eye, while others produce blurring that is unpleasant or distracting— "good" or "bad" bokeh, respectively.[1] Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field. Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions.

Bokeh is often most visible around small background highlights, such as specular reflections and light sources, which is why it is often associated with such areas.[1] However, bokeh is not limited to highlights, as blur occurs in all out-of-focus regions of the image."

Yeah, that nice smooth blur of color or texture, sometimes makes for perfect portraits.

Lately I've been dressing up my bokeh with color or lights. Today's image was shot at the office. Low lighting so D-80 ISO500 and kit lens again.
I just put a bunch of colorful things on the cabinet and placed the Willow Tree Angel about a foot in front of the "stuff."

Willow Tree Angel with added bokeh

I think the colorful "stuff" adds interest to an otherwise white wall.

I've included a picture of the stuff
the bokeh makers of the Willow Tree

Nikon D-300 User's Manual Pages 81-86
Getting Things Done by David Allen Pages 112 -117


snaphappee said...

Absolutely lovely bokeh!! I love the colors! I think it's funny that we both quoted wikipedia's bokeh definition (I hadn't read your post yet when I wrote mine). Beautifyl work!

Anonymous said...

I like this composition with colorful bokeh. I like the way how you have turned random objects to achieve a colorful bokeh. Thanks for sharing.

Gallow said...

What an excellent lesson. I would have never guessed those to be the objects in the background. This is very cool. Great work!

AB said...

Can she hear the sea?

greygirl25 said...

What a great post. I don't think I would have ever thought about adding the colorful objects into the background.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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