Sunday, October 31, 2010

D-305 The daily shoot

The daily shoot and more lighting glass . . .
The color of the day is orange. Make a photograph that is full of orange today.

I read an artcle on lighting liquids here
Orange challenge

and while I was at it I thought I'd try the black and white backgrounds again. This time the light came through the glass. Yesterdays I only had light in the background.
2 in 1 bw backgroundsrs

Saturday, October 30, 2010

D-304 Black rim lighting

A totally uninspired, photographically speaking, day. Just couldn't come up with any ideas for a photo today so I tried Rim lighting on a reflective subject. "law of angle of indicence equals angle of reflection" . . . I kind of get the concept but am having problems executing it. I think I might be missing a light, which I refuse to buy.
Black rim light

D-303 Happy Halloween

from my crazy family - to yours.
This is Friday's image

This image is not my usual stuff but I tried a low light, slow shutter experience.
This is for 2 challenges - Scary & FB Project 365 "Fall festivities."
Halloween card Dave

and this one is just because I like the image
Bella Halloween card

Still reading Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai's blog

Thursday, October 28, 2010

D-302 Bald & Beautiful

My friend Flora and I got to hang out after work today. I've missed her alot and we had fun.
For those of you who don't know she's been battling breast cancer for several months now. She has one more Chemo treatment left to go and then radiation.
She looks great in spite of everything she's been through. Keep fighting girl!

and then some fun ones . . .

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

D-301 Fall Arraignment

Just a little corner of my house. The witch my mother in law made for me the rest of the arraignment I made.
I wanted to practice the Off camera flash so it was a "reach" but I made it work.
Used the Nikon SB-800 off camera, shot through an umbrella.

The daily shoot #ds346 Reaching up, reaching for, reaching out, or reaching in. Show the action of reaching in a photograph today.
So it's a "reach" but I did have to reach to light the candles.

Fall decorations

Very little editing done on this. Basic sharpening for web, slight levels adjustment and vignette.

Reading Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai's blog

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

D-300 wooohooo day 300!

69 days more to go . . .

Even though we've had severe "wind storms" I want to celebrate this wonderful fall weather. I love all of the colors of fall on the trees and I was afraid after today all of the leaves would fall because of the wind and the dropping temperatures.

Just enjoying . . .
Who says you cannot take pictures in full sun or in the direction of the sun?

I don't usually use extreme actions on my images (especially portraits)but sometimes, just sometimes it works.
This is another freebie from Coffeeshop called Orton
Fall splendor

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment is:
Make a photograph today where vertical elements or lines dominate the scene.
Get out there, take a photograph, upload it, and tweet a link to @dailyshoot with the hashtag: #ds345

I ran Coffeeshops Moody pop and Orton on this one. It seems to fit the Halloween Theme.
Verticle elements

Monday, October 25, 2010

D 297 - 299 It's another catch up day

My back pain had me laying down for almost 3 days. It's still sore but much much better. I'm moving around a lot better too. The things we take for granted - like standing upright without pain. I'm doing so much better though. Thanks for your thoughts.

Took a quick picture of David as he cleaned the gutters this weekend. Yes, I managed to go outside for a quick shot.

Moody Pumpkin
The weather has been unseasonable warm around here. The carved pumpkins didn't last too long but this one seems to have more personality. LOL
I used CoffeeShop Moody Pop. I think it's appropriate.

Moody pumpkin ers

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment is:
Make a high-contrast photograph today. Keep in mind that color contrast can be as effective as black and white.
Get out there, take a photograph, upload it, and tweet a link to @dailyshoot with the hashtag: #ds344
Lonely duckies

These are sitting on the window sill for halloween. I needed a quick shot.
I used CoffeeShop moody pop - I think it worked well.
Still reading Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai

Friday, October 22, 2010

D-296 Tic Toc . . .

The daily shoot

#ds341 Illustrate the idea of time in a photograph today. Be as literal or abstract as you want to be with your interpretation.

Tic Toc

I'm nursing a bad back. Good meds - It's gonna be an early night for me. I'll catch up on blogs tomorrow.
Nighty night.

D-295 Fight lik a Girl in Pink

The daily shoot: #ds340 October is breast cancer awareness month. Make a photo of something pink to support the cause.

Here's to my best friend Flora - Fight like a Girl!
Hope you are feeling better after your chemo treatment. Love ya!
Fight Like a Girl!

This started out as a selfie, but I was trying some jumping shots and just couldn't get the focus spot on (my studio lights only allow SS125 the highest) So David came to help and then I decided on this image.
The editing credit goes to the ever talented Khalila. My youngest daughter has so much talent she doesn't even realize. So thanks to all parities involved for you assistance tonight.
Images viewed: Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai's
I will be spending a couple of days on her site trying to read all her post.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

D 294 Another play date

The daily shoot today: ds#339 Double your art today. Make a photo of something you've created or crafted

It's a project I made for my youngest daughter years ago. She requested those colors.It's framed. Every single seed bead is hand sewn.

My blog friend Shirley shared yesterday about Through the lens (TTL) texture she used on some of her photos which really made the images stand out. I tried it today using TTL texture by Breanna on Flickr
I really like the results
Bubble magic
Childhood hours
Today was our dinner/play date and of coarse it involved bubbles. The best activity ever, according to Miss Isabella.

I want to thank Nikhil for sending me this inspiration:Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai's

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

D 293 Indie & Trumpet flowers

Sometimes it's a good idea to carry your camera with you because you never know when an improptu photoshoot will inspire you.

My friend invited my to her house at lunch time today so that I can see her "blooming tree" She doesn't know what it's called. I say Trumpet Flower Tree - LOL
A weird time for a tree to bloom - but they are beautiful.
trumpet flowers

and my friends baby, Indie, who is normally very shy, came out to visit.
I'm not normally a cat person but Indie was cute.

Also sitting in her garden was this fellow.
Buddha sun bathing

Monday, October 18, 2010

D-292 A bump in the road

Day 292 of my 365 day project. My love for photograph and my desire to learn as much about photography as I can continues to grown. My commitment to be the best photographer that I can be is still strong. On the business side though, I have hit a bump in the road. Well, more like a road block. I continue to push forward but seem to be wearing out. So when this project is over I have committed to learning about the business aspect of photography. I have been looking for a mentor or mentors in the business area and have come up empty so far. I will continue looking and searching. I saw there are a few who charge but I'm not sure they offer what I'm looking for. If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop me a line.

Today's image was a little uninspiring.
The daily shoot: #ds336 Make a photograph of three items arranged in a composition that pleases you.
Some of our artwork.
Can you guess which one is mine?
I used a tri-pod tonight.

Images viewed: Karl Grobl
Karl is called a "photojournalist humanitarian" his images will touch you and some will pull at your heart strings. Worth the look. Take one of the photo slide tours while your there.

D-289 - 291 Pumpkins and goblins

Facebook Friday Challenge: Labor
Dave spent 2+ hours on the phone with a Zune representative who managed to mess up Dave's computer but eventually they fixed everything.
A self portrait - went to a Halloween Costume
Self portrait
We won first place for the costume
Me & my Honey
Finding the perfect pumpkin
The perfect pumpkin

Her first carved pumpkin (with a tiny help from her mom)
Isabella's first carved pumpkin
Now I am more than caught up. LOL
Images Viewed: Work of the Heart Skye Images

Thursday, October 14, 2010

D-288 Surviving the fire

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.” Bill Cosby

The daily shoot
#ds333 Fire is dramatic, as it its effect. Make a picture of a flame or something changed by fire or flame.

survived the fire

Images viewed: Blair Phillips Photography

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

D-287 Upside down

the daily shoot: Think upside down & really change your view point. Make a photo where you or your subject is upside down.

Macro shot of water drops as they come out of the faucet. I then turned the picture upside down. I added a few items in the background for color - the unexpected surprise was how you can see what the items are in the water drop. Candy corn, colored paper, apple and a pepper.


and without the extra items:

Images viewed: Blair Philips

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

D-286 Falls Beauty

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus


Images viewed: by Lee Frost

Monday, October 11, 2010

D-285 A day with Miss Isabella

and off of work!
The weekend went by so fast and I was glad to have today off too.
What a beautiful fall day - unseasonably warm.


The smirks from her are because she put a spell on me and turned me into a frog. Rebbit, rebbit.

Then she turned me into a princess. Hopefully she'll leave me as that.

Cielito lindo
there's a few more on my flickr page.

I've fallen behind on my reading but since I'm almost all caught up on editing I should be able to get back to reading.

Images viewed: Alexsandras Babicius

D-284 Finally a day off!

Finally a day away from work, chores, computer work, edits, caring, nursing, etc
A day to just be. Being on a motorcycle is almost like running to me. It clears my head. There is a certain amount of freedom when I'm on the motorcycle. The wind in my face, the sites and sounds magnified, the sound of the tires on the ground. . . I just cannot describe it. That's what I did, we spent a good part of the day on the motocycle with a bunch of friends.

Most of these (except for the obvious one) was captured while we were full speed ahead. Drive by shooting.

Took the D-300 and a kit lens.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

D-283 Zoom effect & slow shutter speeds

Project 365 Facebook friday challenge is "slow the shutter speed down"

and while my shutter speed was slowed down I tried some zoom effect shots. This was my first attempt at it and I later found an article on the same subject. Mastering the Zoom Effect. I'll have to try it again.
Painted Tree
Tree painting


Thursday, October 7, 2010

D-281 & 282 Dinner is served

Yesterday's daily shoot was "The warmth of wood takes on many shapes and forms. Make a photograph of something made of wood today. #ds325"
her is my response to that challenge.
Driftwood candle holder
It's a large piece of driftwood David found and turned into a nice candle holder. It's really cool looking.
Off camera flash shot through an umbrella, blue gel pointed at the Christmas lights in the background they are in glasses.

Since the lights were already set up I thought I'd try my rose again.
Beauty fades quickly
Basically the same set up except I added a red gel.

and finally
another Weight Watchers recipes
Cajun Shrimp and pasta. This was easy and quick to prepare and has the perfect amount of spice to it.
Cajun shrimp and noodles
Again, I'm not a food photographer but I wanted to share. It was delicious.
I'm not on the WW program I just love the variety of healthy and low fat recipes.

All of today's pictures were taken on my dinning room table-no studio shots.

Flickr: Mikel Alba


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