Sunday, May 9, 2010

D-124 Courage . . .

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.
-- Raymond Lindquist

We had a going away party for my daughter today. She'll be gone for a year with the Army. Here she is with her daughter.
You can see a few more on my flicr Page: Here
Watching my daughter leave is tough enough, watching her leave her daughter is an emotion I haven't found words for yet.

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snaphappee said...

I'm sorry that you guys are going through a tough time. {{{HUGS!!!}}} This photo is wonderful - your family is full of beautiful ladies. Happy Mother's Day, my precious friend.

greygirl25 said...

Beautiful girls, wonderful portrait. I wish you the best as you make your way through the upcoming year.

I'm looking forward to more pictures of your granddaughter. She's adorable.

Asiam Designs Photography said...

What a wonderful capture! I know it must be hard. With many pryaers, photos and tons of love, I know you will all make it through this. Smile....

Anonymous said...

This portrait is wonderful. I like the soft lighting and uncluttered background. Your granddaughter is adorable.

As another blog visitor mentioned, with all the prayers and love, you'll make it through this tough times.

Jennifer said...

So beautiful girls!!

{{hugs, many more hugs}}

Andrey Dorokhov said...

Beautiful picture!


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