Tuesday, May 11, 2010

D-126 On setting goals . . .

Not Failure, but low aim, is a crime.
James Russell Lowell (1819-1891)

"Picturing is the first part of the process of bringing desired results into physical reality. You do it naturally, almost automatically, literally thousands of times each day."

One (of the many) of my goals is to master the off camera flash/strobist technique. Here is yet another attempt.

What is ONE of your goals? Can you see it? Can you visualize it? What's the next step for you?

I needed to tone down the light on the rose. This is in my backyard at night.
Dutsin Diaz is my OCF Hero, Gawd I love his work!
Nikon D-300 50 mm, F1.8, 1/160S, ISO200
SB800 Flash off Camera

A rose and some bokeh

Images Viewed: ChupaLoL360's

My reading corner:
Nikon D-300 User's Manual Pages 22-29
Getting Things Done by David Allen Pages 73-81
The Nikon Creative Lighting System by Mike Hagen Pages (none I seem to have temporarily misplaced this book. Might have to put David on the case)

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snaphappee said...

Nice work! I agree with toning down the light on the rose, but the arch of bokeh lights is wonderful!

One of my goals is learning to use natural light to get the effect I want. I am nowhere near where I want to be, but the shots I got on Sunday were an improvement over what I've been doing, so I was pleased with that.

Anonymous said...

Practice makes perfect - that's what I learned from photography. Good luck on your mastering strobist techniques.

I like the bokeh on this shot as well.

SimplyKuni said...

Love the bokeh frame around the rose.

greygirl25 said...

Very nice, I love the bokeh.

I'm right with you on that off-camera flash. Sheesh, it's gonna make me go bald before I nail it. :o)))

DantePasquale said...

Hi, I really like the use of negative space. The vase is nicely framed and your eye is drawn to it's length. The lighting at the top then draws my eyes to the rose and the delicious lighting on it. Good stuff! Ciao, Danté

Anonymous said...

the arch of bokeh does frame this nicely. Softer light on the flower would work better for me personally


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