Thursday, May 6, 2010

D-121 Fight Like A Girl Campaign

Tasra Mar's Thursday Challenge is "color"
Ever think of how one color can represent so much. Definitely today's color is Pink. Not just hot pink buy any shade of pink automatically brings to mind "Breast Cancer" awareness. My color today is "PINK"

Flora needed an updated shot for the Fight Like A Girl campaign (raising funds for the cause). She got her hair cut so that she can start getting used to the idea of losing her hair. This is My girl. She's strong, she's courageous. I don't think I could handle all of what she has had to handle with the poise and grace that she has over the past month and a half. I love you Flora. We are with you all the way.
Fight fight fight
We had so much fun shooting today.
Here's a silly one of her and David
Flora and David

My Reading corner:

Reading Nikon D300 Manual Pages 5-10
The Nikon Creative Lighting System by Mike Hagen 47-48
Getting Things Done by David Allen 50-54


greygirl25 said...

The first portrait is stunning. I wish her a very strong and victorious fight.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are wonderful.

I like the lighting and pose on the first shot.

snaphappee said...

Great shots! Flora does the fight in beautiful girl style! I love the shot of Flora and Dave, but I wish Flora's expression showed that she was fighting. That first one is amazing!

Jennifer said...

wonderful snapshots...

Asiam Designs Photography said...

Very nice shots.... I almost didn't know that was dave with that mustache. LOL I think I would have said na, but I saw it on FB. :)

Judy said...

Sandra! Love all the shots! There is a "stubbornly digging in and standing my ground" look w/ Flora in the w/Dave shot. Those moments in fighting the beast she is fighting - sometimes takes that stubborn, jaw-grinding, dig-deep resolve to gut-it-through. (and she will...)Great work, Sandra.


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