Thursday, April 30, 2009

181/365 Strobist boot camp assignment #3

Yay it's done.
OCF to camera left about 9 feet from subject, directed straight at subjects face, I have a light, with a gel cover (blue) directly behind subject. It's the set up I've been trying to achieve. Eric pointed me to the strobist flicker group (here)where they show all of the set ups (thanks dude).
This one is with a blue gel:

and this one with the orange gel

They are a bit dramatic but it's the look I was going for.


Eric L said...

Like I said Sandra, I love this shot. I thnk the gel really is what makes the shot in this case (I even like the flare in no. 1)

Tess said...

The blue one is my fave! I love the flare and the drama created by the lighting!

snaphappee said...

Wow!! Awesome work! That first one is just stunning because of that dramatic lighting. Very nice job!

Amanda said...

Very cool!! I really like the blue one!

Jennifer said...

Cool ideas what can do!

like blue!!


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