Sunday, April 5, 2009

Michigan and Spring Snow Storm 154 & 155/365

As some of you already know, I was in St. Joseph, Michigan yesterday for a One Photosource Meet up. It's a fun Forum and if you are looking to learn about photography or already know a lot about photography but just need a place to share your work - take a look at the site and just let them know I sent you that way. It was so wonderful meeting all of the people I've chatted with for months. Finally got to meet them in person and for the few I had already met before, it was nice seeing you again!!! My friend Pam drove and we spent the night out there.

I have many, many awesome images but I've had some computer glitches today, so I haven't been able to post them yet. I will soon, but this one was one of the last ones I took. By this time in the evening a lot of the photographers and models had left - there were only the 10 of us left. We had tons of fun.

and of coarse tonight we are having a snow storm. Yeap it's a spring snow storm. It's falling pretty hard. This image is from my back steps, it's my grape vines covered in the stuff that is still falling pretty hard and it's backlit by my neighbors night light. SS was very, very slow ISO1000 and hand held. I know a big no,no but hey, did I mention it's a snow storm?


Eric L said...

Looks like some great light on that first one to shoot in, can't wait to see the rest, wish I had been there!

And fun, snow snow :)

Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun (not the snow part...we had that too)! I look forward to seeing the rest of your images from yesterday. From what I've seen so far, I wish I had gone. :)

Tess said...

I agree, I want to see more! I am soooooo jealous that y'all got to play together! Not jealous at all of the snow storm, though! :)

snaphappee said...

I'm eager to see your meetup shots too!

I love the backlight on that second shot! Very pretty light!

Jennifer said...

I think is amazing and awesome with your group get to meet and fun together.

Can not wait to see more pictures you have.

Yes~ big NO to have any more of snow!! =-P

Brittany said...

Hurry and post more pictures! I'm in such suspense! Sounded like a blast. If they'd get themselves over to THIS part of the country, I'd totally be there!!!!!

And the pic of the snow = beauty. But the actual snow should really leave us all alone until next Christmas Eve!


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