Saturday, April 25, 2009

OCF and a Motocycle ride. . . 175/365

Today Dave & I went to see a movie called "I love you Man" it was funny but not a "kids" movie.
On the way back home the shift linkage bar on the Harley became disconnected. It's the bar that shifts the gears on the bike. Basically no shifting no moving.
Luckily the theatre is right by a Sears store and Dave ran in and bought a pair of pliers to try and snap it back in place. It did not work. We brained stormed and figured, after about an hour or so, that we could "tape" it (well, Dave's idea). In the end "WE" ended up repairing the bike (temporarily) with zip ties. Yeah, zip ties, four of them to be exact. It got us back home. Sometimes it just pays to be creative :)

Elli, Eric and I have been trying to practice Off camera flash. Dave figured out how too put both speed lights on remote. In this image one speedlight is behind him the other is to his right on the ground.
There are so many items to buy to do this correctly but I was happy at least to practice.


Tess said...

I think it worked out well! :)

snaphappee said...

I love improvisation! I improvised for quite a while before I had all the equipment to hold my flashes. It's great that the two of you are so creative! Keep up the good work!

Eric L said...

Sandra, I LOVE zipties, them + duct tape, and you can fix anything!

Eric L said...

Argh, hit post too soon

Good job with the ofc, what else are you looking at buying?


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