Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strobist assignment 164/365

I'm tired
it's late
and my assignment is 2 weeks overdue. Well, I'm not happy with the results but seems like if I don't just post it, I won't be able to move on to assignment #3. I think I missed the mark with OFC. Well, almost OFC. I could have done much better with a reflector.
Hey give it a grade.


Eric L said...

Sandra, where was your light in this shot (or whatever you used, almost OCF?)

I think a contrast boost would do wonders for this shot.

Creepy (but cool) background of choice. I think I might have liked to see more headstones though, as it seems she is covering most of them, and the line ends at about the point they pass her

I think a curves and maybe a bw would be golden, and hopefully you know something now you didn't before

snaphappee said...

I think you definitely chose an interesting backdrop. I never thought of anything like that!

Part of what doesn't quite work for me is the composition. I think she seems a little too small in the frame? Maybe? I'm not sure. Maybe it's just that there's too much room above her head and not enough on her right.

I would like to know how you used your flash too. Keep up the good work - it's all a learning process!

(I'm going to post mine now.)

Jennifer said...

It's fun to go different places for photo shooting..


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