Friday, May 1, 2009

182/365 Strobist Assignment #4

Again another strobist assignment. Strobist boot camp Assignment #4 (see here)

This is fun! It give me a challenge and something different to take pictures of. The assignment is for an ad for water. "Make people want to drink our water" no people, verticle, graphic. Hmm, It's a little hard taking pictures of glass/transparent plastic with lights.
I used the softbox (you can see the reflection and that's what I'm having a hard time with) and a blue gel aimed at the bottle. You can see 2 small blue flairs on the bottle. That's what I like most about this shot.

Dave suggested to shut down the f-stop to see if that helped with the reflection.

So, does it make you thirsty? LOL


snaphappee said...

Nice work! I like those blue bursts too!

Jennifer said...


yeah, I wanna some water!

Tess said...

I like the first one best. The second one is too dark. I wonder if a polarizer would have helped?

Eric L said...

I do wonder what it would look like with the double diffusion we talked about earlier

Great shot though, does the job :)


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