Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bella & Bella Bunny . . .172/365

Look who's spending the night!!!
After bath time she saw me messing around with the "pink" backdrop and she "let me" take a couple of snaps of her. After each picture she'd say "I wanna see" she wanted me to show her the images on my camera.

I know I have some pink "spill" on her hair and the backdrop was blown out but she only let me take a few and she was done. LOL

Again, I know that technically there are a lot of errors BUT check out those shoes! LOL


Jennifer said...

Cute lil Isabella showed the interest to pose for you and want see pictures you took of her.

snaphappee said...

These are awesome! Nice work! I love that she worked with you a tiny bit!

In response to your question on my blog - I have a group on Facebook doing a 6-week health challenge. Most of us are losing weight, but some just need some accountability to keep on track. So far (all 2 days) it's been great for me! If you wanna check it out you can do so here - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=72574226719

Tess said...

Come join us...(said hauntingly!) :)

I like that second one. She's a cutie. :)

Jess said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by my blog. My lighting is usually always the same. My main light is camera right, and fill is camera left. I tried to put the main a little farther to the right, as I wanted to try to get somemore shadowing on her face.....as with any child, I'm not sure I accomplished that.

do you need any help specifically? I'll try to help more if I can.



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