Tuesday, April 28, 2009

179/365 My first Canvas

I will be offering canvases to my customers so I had to start ordering studio samples. Here is my first canvas. It's an amazing picture of my younger kids so I thought it would be great on canvas and I wasn't disappointed. This one has a tiny flaw on the canvas and I'm waiting to hear back from the company. Weather or not I use this company for my canvases depends on how they handle this issue.

Speaking of disappointed I have a big bone to pick with VistaPrint. If you use VistaPrint for ANY OF YOUR PRINTING NEEDS - please read the fine print and don't ever re-enter your e-mail address because that means that you are agreeing to something. I will vent somemore about this issue in later post.


Tess said...

Beautiful! Yes, beware of Vistaprint! They are notorious for that stuff!

snaphappee said...

That canvas is gorgeous!! I can't wait to get my first one.

I've heard so many terrible stories about Vista Print. I've used them a couple times without incident, but I had already seen the words of caution, and made sure not to allow anything additional after my orders.

Jennifer said...

so beautiful canvas on your wall!

Eric L said...

Beutiful canvas! Never tried Vista Print though. Hope everything's ok


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