Friday, April 10, 2009

A carnival in town. . . 160/365

I took these pictures yesterday but I had to run computer scans - so I'd thought I'd let you know:
there appears to be a trojan horse being passed around in facebook. I received several e-mail notifications say I had a new message, from a friend on facebook. When I opened it, it was a trojan horse.

Luckily my computer is well protected and I recieved immediate notification to run all of my scans. I hope that's the end of it.

I will not be sending any facebook comments - so do not open any from me.

This type of virus happend a few years ago in AOL I believe. The trojan attaches to someone's buddy list and sends itself to everyone on the list, it continues to travel that way.
That's why I didn't post yesterday, but these are the pictures I took yesterday:


Amanda said...

Nice carnival shots!

Jennifer said...

Wow fun place to hang out. Cool to take pix at night!

snaphappee said...

Fun stuff!! I love that second shot!


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