Monday, April 27, 2009

Big sigh . . .177/365

The big sigh is because I dropped off both of my cameras to get cleaned today. They will be back home on Tuesday . . .sigh
It's weird not having them here - LOL sooo... I dusted off my daughters D-40, which is not bad.
My parents came over and while they were "busy" I took a couple of snaps of them. My dad is reading the paper, my mom is cleaning the yard. She's looking around making big plans on how to conquer all of the leaves. LOL, she's gonna be mad at me but I love this image of her. Not sure what it is but I do really like it. She hates it - LOL.

and I also tried my hand at macro photography. Well, it was really windy and I did not have a tri-pod so I see blurr but fun colors.


Amanda said...

I really like both of the candid shots. They look so natural in them. I love to colors and the look of your macro shots.

Eric L said...

I can see why you like the pic of your mom! Love that bokeh, and the concentration.

Good luck without those cameras!

Those macros are very nice! If they are a little blurred, that's impressionistic use of colors, LOL

Tess said...

Those colors are beautiful! I like the shots of your parents because you caught them unaware and you can see "them" :)

snaphappee said...

Beautiful work, even though you had to use the 40d. ;-)

In the photo of your mom I see her natural self - not a posed portrait of just her "good side", but a real image of who she is. Of course you like it - it really looks like the woman you know.

The flowers are stunning! I love Eric's explanation - they're not blurred, they're impressionistic!

Jennifer said...

Agree with above comments with your parents' pixs.

So pretty color with flowers!


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