Thursday, April 23, 2009

Almost . . .174/365

I almost did not take a picture today. Life happens you know, but then I thought, I've gone 174 days straight without missing a post and I just had to come up with something. So there you have my little doxy's. They need to go to the groomers really bad. I'm having a heck of a hard time with this pink backdrop. It turns white in the middle. I have no back light. Just a large softbox camera right and reflector subject right. Any suggestions?

Oh by the way, Elli and Tess, yesterdays garbage bags are from Walmart. Thanks for your comments.


Amanda said...

Great picture!! I really like this one! I really like the pink for a background.

Jennifer said...

How did you get them stay still??

So cute!! (miss them!)

Tess said...

Not sure on how to keep the center from being white. But I'm impressed that they sit still for pictures! :) I kinda like the effect of the white center though. Kind of a vignette effect. :)

I redid that second shot of Elizabeth. I wasn't really happy with it either. I bought a few sets of actions. The All in the Details set, Essentials, Quickie, Magic Skin, and Cover Model. So I have a lot of playing to do!

snaphappee said...

Nice work! What kind of ambient light did you have in there?

I'm also impressed that you got them to pose so nicely for you! Great job on that!


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