Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Adding to yesterdays post 164/365

Thanks for the comments Eric -
almost OCF means that I couldn't figure out how to slave my flash so I used my SB800 on camera. I know - cheating.

I've edited a little bit better and I added texture to the black and white. Creepy background? Not unusual for us. Dave, my in-laws, Khalila & I were looking at this interesting tree in an old country cementery, not unusual for us - LOL.


snaphappee said...

Oh, I like these! That second one - is it the original of the strobist assign. #2? I know that assignment was a vertical, but I like the space around her on the version in this post. I think I'd just crop it differently for the assignment. What a great location!

Tess said...

I really like that big ol tree! What character!

Mel said...

great shots, I love the tree, it adds a lot of natural texture in the photo!

Jennifer said...

Liked it lot with big tree!


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