Saturday, April 11, 2009

Izzy . . .161/365

Happy Good friday. I was off of work today but it was a very busy day - Here's Izzy
took a few of him in the studio.
How's the lighting? I only used one softbox.


snaphappee said...

I like the lighting in the first one - it looks great! The light on his front looks good in the second, but there's no separation from the background, so he kinda blends in - especially his hair.

Nice studio work!!

Sandra said...

Yes Elli, he does blend in. Maybe I should have moved him away from the backdrop a bit more. I didnot want to light the backdrop because it's black and I don't have a hair light. Hmm, back to the drawing board.

Jennifer said...

Izzy look good!

Amanda said...

I really like the 1st shot!

Jennifer said...

really like first shot


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