Friday, April 3, 2009

You color my world!!! 152/365

Spent a little time with Isabella today.
Amongst other things we painted. I currently have 4 originals hanging in my home. Not bad for a 2 year old. When I'm painting she says "oh so petty" to encourage me to continue painting. Hmm, wonder where she got that from.
By the way "Mommy" she thinks you've been at "work" too long.
You know how she says thathak? She know uses the word "thanks"
In 2 weeks her vocabulary has grown a lot. Cannot wait to see you tomorrow.


Amanda said...

Sandra, I love your shots today! So sweet to see her little hand with a paint brush. Great colors!

snaphappee said...

Beautiful colors!! I'm glad to hear that Isabella and her loving mommy will be reunited!

Jen said...

love these pics! the 1st one is my fav! i can just imagine a look of concentration with this one.

Brittany said...

Those are great! I'd love to see her paintings! How fun!!!

Jennifer said...

So sweet... might next she will want to play with your camera.

Could try with pudding on paper.. fun to watch (or with shaving cream)

Could get casvas (sp) have her paint some.. leave some art from her own hand. Would be fun!

Tess said...

those are great shots, Sandra! LOVE the 2nd one. So glad your daughter is coming home today! :)


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