Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day! 163/365

It's been a fun and wonderful day. I have many more pictures to share but I'll probably link them up tomorrow or tuesday as it's almost midnight and I have to work tomorrow.
This is especially to my family who is following this blog (which I found out today that they read it every day, faithfully. Hi Jan(mom-in-law), Hi Alex(dad-in-law), Hi Aunt Pat!(aunt in law) so check back I'll have them up by then.

Stay tuned, more to come.


Tess said...

I LOVE peeps! Those are cute pics! My family follows mine everyday, too. Let me tell you, they yell at me if I don't post everyday! LOL!!!

Amanda said...

Great picture of the flock of peeps! :) Great idea with the cupcakes. Isabella is so cute gathering her eggs!

Jennifer said...

Peeps treats look fun to eat! Cute Isabella!!

Hi to Sandra's family from me and Mo!

~Jennifer &


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