Saturday, April 18, 2009

What are these called? 168/365

These lovely ladies just planted themselves and started growing and multiplying in the shady part of my yard. What are they called? They are so dainty and cute.

My sister in law gave me this old boot a couple of years ago. It's so cute and I'm loving the sun flare again. I know where to meet it every evening. LOL


snaphappee said...

Beautiful photos! That boot is great with the sunflare!

You flowers look to me like Wild Hyacinth.'Wild+Hyacinth'

Your photo is much better than theirs. I was able to use an online identifier based on your photo! Fabulous job!

Here's the identifier I used:

Amanda said...

Those are really pretty flowers! Great resource Elli. I love the birds and the boot! That is a really cool shot!

Mel said...

loving the old boot with the flare!

Jennifer said...

happy the Spring is here.. we need to say goodbye to 30's 50's to be much warm.

pretty flowers.. Love that sun flare with old boot


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