Thursday, October 7, 2010

D-281 & 282 Dinner is served

Yesterday's daily shoot was "The warmth of wood takes on many shapes and forms. Make a photograph of something made of wood today. #ds325"
her is my response to that challenge.
Driftwood candle holder
It's a large piece of driftwood David found and turned into a nice candle holder. It's really cool looking.
Off camera flash shot through an umbrella, blue gel pointed at the Christmas lights in the background they are in glasses.

Since the lights were already set up I thought I'd try my rose again.
Beauty fades quickly
Basically the same set up except I added a red gel.

and finally
another Weight Watchers recipes
Cajun Shrimp and pasta. This was easy and quick to prepare and has the perfect amount of spice to it.
Cajun shrimp and noodles
Again, I'm not a food photographer but I wanted to share. It was delicious.
I'm not on the WW program I just love the variety of healthy and low fat recipes.

All of today's pictures were taken on my dinning room table-no studio shots.

Flickr: Mikel Alba


snaphappee said...

Beautiful! I love the bokeh in that first shot. The rose shot is so romantic! Can I have a bite of your dinner? It looks great!

greygirl25 said...

I love the driftwood with the blue background.

Dinner looks delicious and the rose on the warm red background is fabulous.

I am really loving all of the lighting, looks like you do too.

Nikhil Ramkarran said...

The Christmas lights in the background work well with the driftwood candle holders. But I think it is too busy and competitive with the rose. Maybe if they could have been dulled somehow (perhaps a sheet of translucent paper).

Anyway, I will definitely be stealing that Christmas light ides, it is inspired :)

shirley said...

Wow, that bokeh is to die for. I love that candle holder - totally cool.

Anonymous said...

You do great with bokeh (besides portrait)...nice work on the bokeh shots.

I like the dinner shot...I would have used the DOF to put those tomato slices to blur in the background and put more emphasis on the pasta. Overall nice shot.

Anonymous said...

Great photos again, the twinkling lights in the background really make these photos come alive.


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