Wednesday, October 13, 2010

D-287 Upside down

the daily shoot: Think upside down & really change your view point. Make a photo where you or your subject is upside down.

Macro shot of water drops as they come out of the faucet. I then turned the picture upside down. I added a few items in the background for color - the unexpected surprise was how you can see what the items are in the water drop. Candy corn, colored paper, apple and a pepper.


and without the extra items:

Images viewed: Blair Philips


Nikhil Ramkarran said...

Although the second shot has an elegant simplicity, I prefer the first for the red elements.

I love it when I look at photographs that confound expectations. Too often I read criticisms of photos which imply that a photograph has to tell a story or it can't be art.

Nonsense! If the photograph makes you think, or makes you think differently or arouses passion in you, even if that passion is merely directed to pronouncing on the inferiority of the image, then the photograph has accomplished what any artist should desire, to make people think.

I like these for precisely this reason, they make you think.

snaphappee said...

Awesome work!! I love the concept of water drops falling up! Beautiful colors - in the first one, especially. You constantly amaze me with the time and thought you put into this along with everything else you have to do.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Sandra. Lovely reflection of candy corn, apple and pepper.

Anonymous said...

Greay shots, the upside down nature of the photograph really does make intensify it.

shirley said...

I love these shots. Turning them upside down - how cool is that!

greygirl25 said...

These photos are amazing. I love the colors and the detail.


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