Tuesday, October 19, 2010

D 293 Indie & Trumpet flowers

Sometimes it's a good idea to carry your camera with you because you never know when an improptu photoshoot will inspire you.

My friend invited my to her house at lunch time today so that I can see her "blooming tree" She doesn't know what it's called. I say Trumpet Flower Tree - LOL
A weird time for a tree to bloom - but they are beautiful.
trumpet flowers

and my friends baby, Indie, who is normally very shy, came out to visit.
I'm not normally a cat person but Indie was cute.

Also sitting in her garden was this fellow.
Buddha sun bathing


Nikhil Ramkarran said...

I like the processing on the laughing Buddha, a nicely lit, but fairly ordinary shot of a statuette becomes an interesting little pleasure. You've reminded me, I haven't shot flowers in a very long time, wonder if I can find some to shoot today (I am now at a complete loss for inspiration).

snaphappee said...

I love those trumpet flowers - it is an interesting time for a tree to bloom, isn't it? It looks like you found several interesting things to shoot yesterday!

shirley said...

Yup, I carry my camera in my purse so it is with me at all times. Lovely kitty picture - I am a cat person and like the B&W on a tabby.
You had asked about TTV Textures - I posted a reply on my own blog, and then thought, why that's silly, she might not see it! So posting again...
Layers or textures that mimic a Through the Viewfinder (TTV) capture - shooting through an old camera's viewfinder. If you do a search on Flickr, there are lots of people who have TTV setups and they get very cool results.

As for the running bit - on Saturdays I try to run 6-8 miles. During the week I only get in a little over 3 miles during the winter months. I've been running since '92 but took several years off when I first had my kids.

Anonymous said...

I like the laughing/happy Budda shot too. I feel happy just looking at him laugh ;)

Love the texture and lighting on this shot.

AB said...

To be as happy as that Buddha!


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