Monday, October 18, 2010

D-289 - 291 Pumpkins and goblins

Facebook Friday Challenge: Labor
Dave spent 2+ hours on the phone with a Zune representative who managed to mess up Dave's computer but eventually they fixed everything.
A self portrait - went to a Halloween Costume
Self portrait
We won first place for the costume
Me & my Honey
Finding the perfect pumpkin
The perfect pumpkin

Her first carved pumpkin (with a tiny help from her mom)
Isabella's first carved pumpkin
Now I am more than caught up. LOL
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Nikhil Ramkarran said...

I was wondering at the sudden quiet for so long on your blog :) Guess you were out living your life.

I love how you incorporate the taking of such excellent photos into your day. It makes your photography (and viewers) feel like part of your day. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Cool! We put up our Halloween stuff today. A perfect time of year for photographs. Great portraits. :)

snaphappee said...

Fabulous catch up!! You and Dave looked just fabulous in your costumes! Thanks for the peeks into your life - I love every moment you share!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast. I like the costume shots of you and Mr. Dave. Looks like he's a good sport and a nice subject for portraits.

shirley said...

What great costumes! I love it!

Andrey Dorokhov said...

Love that batch of shots! Funny ))

AB said...

Glamourous Halloween outfits!

Anonymous said...

love the Halloween costumes and the black and white shot of them. I really like the way he just melts in to the blackness of the background.

The lighting on bottom shot of the pumpkin is superb. The charred edges on the mouth are a nice touch.

Leslie said...

Oh I LOVE your costumes! Great pictures of them too. Love the jack-o-lantern too. Cute :o)


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