Saturday, October 30, 2010

D-304 Black rim lighting

A totally uninspired, photographically speaking, day. Just couldn't come up with any ideas for a photo today so I tried Rim lighting on a reflective subject. "law of angle of indicence equals angle of reflection" . . . I kind of get the concept but am having problems executing it. I think I might be missing a light, which I refuse to buy.
Black rim light


AB said...

You are getting more professional by the day.

Amanda said...

I really like your results with this! Very smooth and clean! Also, I love the tone! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Contrary to your uninspiring day, I think this has turned out really good. Sharpness on the stem in awesome and monochrome conversion works very well on this shot.

snaphappee said...

I like it! I'll have to look into rim lighting!


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