Monday, August 30, 2010

D-245 Vintage Dress

This dress belonged to her grandmother (me) and her mom and aunt also wore it. It was originally a gift from my Godmother right after my baptism. My mom has saved it for many years.


I didn't take my time setting my camera up because photo shoots with this little one go really fast. Unfortunately my settings were ISO 1250 f22. Not ideal settings for studio work.

More in my flickr account.


snaphappee said...

This little lady has such a rich history - I love how you share it with her! Great colors in this photo!

Carolyn Ford said...

What a treasure! You are a grandmother? You look WAY too young! How special that dress must be in your family. I think cameras, sometimes, can do just fine without our crunching numbers! This is a beautiful portrait!

Anonymous said...

Another nice portrait. Love her hair.

Judy said...

Another beautiful portrait. It's hard to believe that dress hasn't been worn out by now. A nice keepsake.

Leslie said...

That is SO cool. What a precious shot.


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