Thursday, August 5, 2010

D-212 Challenges

Spent a little time with Miss Isabella, we gave her a little craft set and here she was painting. Day 5 of the 70-200 mm challenge. Pam, thanks for the challenge. I do love this lens. I played with my 50 mm and I thought I need the big one! LOL

This 365 Project has had it's ups and downs for me, but mostly it has recorded my photographec journey for 1.5 years (to date). I look back at some of my begining images and I am amazed at how far my photography has come.
I also accept other challenges along the way, Like Tasra Mar's, The Daily Shoot, friends challenges etc. Challenges make me think outside of my comfort level, they push me. Challenges make me grow as an artist and an individual.
What challenges are you taking on?

Miss Isabella

Read: Nikone D-700 Users Manual pgs47-53


snaphappee said...

She's just beautiful - I love her beautiful eyes!

I'm feeling quite challenge! Between family, work, my 365 (which includes The Daily Shoot and our Friday Challenges), and church activities, I feel quite challenged all day, every day!

Judy said...

What a cute smile.

shirley said...

Beautiful expression! As for challenges, right now I'm just trying to get it all done!

PLPortraiture said...

"I played with my 50 mm and I thought I need the big one! " ... UMMMM YES !!!!! said...

Cute Miss. Isabella. Lovely expression on her face and you did an awesome job of capturing the moment.

greygirl25 said...

Nice portrait, she's adorable. Love the bokeh.

I spent yesterday bonding with my 70-200mm. Gotta agree with you, I love that lens but good grief it is heavy. :o)))

AB said...

I don't know about the lens but Miss Isabella is a little charmer.

Anonymous said...

I think its inspiring how many challenges you take up and stick to. I have enough to do with one challenge. Congratulations on the seniors photos great shots.


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