Saturday, August 21, 2010

D-226 Another week that flies by

As time goes by so quickly how are your project 365's going. How are your "New Years Resolutions" panning out? Have you revisited your goals, your dreams, your plans? It's much later than we think.

Today I tried to tie in two challenges. #1 The Daily shoot: "Make a photograph with a shallow depth of field today. Get in close if you need to force it with the lens you have."

also FB365 Challenge is "square".

I took a picture of a frame I have that hangs in my office. My MIL gave this to me. I can update it as often as I want. I have some of my 365 non-human pictures up there. I plan on changing it often. Every single image has lots of Shallow DOF, it also has a "square" in there that divides the pictures.

Wall Hanging
ISO 6400!

Read Nikon D-700 User's Manual pages 123-128

Images Viewed: Frank Frost


snaphappee said...

Wow! 6400?? Awesome! What a great way to display your work!

I'm still moving along with my 365 - haven't missed a day yet. I have been working on my skills less lately though. I just don't have the time to spend right now. I'm looking forward to having more time for it once school starts.

Anonymous said...

This shot looks awesome for 6400 ISO. I remember seeing some of the pics on this frame/shot from your 365 project...I need to print pics from my 365 project too. That sounds like a good idea to print/frame the pics.

AB said...

Obviously an appropriate gift for such a photography fan

Judy said...

MIL? Don't know what that is.
I need to print more of my photos. I just can never figure out which ones.


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