Sunday, August 1, 2010

D-208 End of the weekenditis

Remember my first $2.00 portrait? See here Well, I got approached again and he asked for some spare change. I offered him $2.00 if he allowed me to take his picture. Here's Kenny, a very polite man who has obviously been down on his luck. He has what he calls "metal" in his mouth and it is very painful to eat he says. I imagine they were braces holding healthy teeth at one point. None the less, he says he can only have liquids, as in soup. I stepped backed ISO at 4000 with my 70-200 mm lens (Pam's challenge to me) and my new baby Nikon D-700.
Kenny rs

Did I tell you that I love this camera? Add that lens to the package and It's just pure love.

The Daily Shoot
Go anti-bokeh today. Use a large depth of field (higher aperture numbers) today to tell a story on multiple layers
The story? It's been a long road here (almost 20 years) protecting this city. The city continues to be in disarray. This is just one of MANY abandoned and decaying building in the city. It's almost time to hit the road and move on.
I really wanted to shoot at 2.8!
David f-stop challenge

and this one is just for fun


Carolyn Ford said...

What a wonderful portrait of this man! All the times I have been approached for "small change" and I never once thought of an exchange for a portrait...oh, I might just give it a try in the very near future. His story must be heartbreaking to hear, if he were to really get into depth about his life and how he ended up in his present situation...but, you captured his heavy burden written in his eyes. said...

Nice shots Sandra. Definitely seems like you are having fun with your new toy.

Stranger portrait is real nice - you did great on this. I am not sure if I will approach a stranger for a shot (at least not yet).

TDS assignment shot: Nice interpretation. I know what you mean by wanting to shoot @f/2.8 ;)

snaphappee said...

Great work! I love your $2 portrait! Such clarity and detail! He has so many experiences written on his face.

I'm a bit (okay, more than a bit) envious of your wonderful new camera. :-)

PLPortraiture said...


AB said...

It looks mean-looking Mr Tattoos is protecting the abandoned factory. I am sure you could make a good thriller out of this.

Anonymous said...

The story shot is nicely put together and gets your point across well


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