Monday, August 16, 2010

D-221 How do you discover your style?

Had another great session today. This time it was sisters, 9 year old and 2 year old. I've forgotten how much and how fast a 2 year old runs. LOL
We had fun. It was really hot and really sunny but we made due.

I introduce to you Miss T and Miss J
Miss T & Miss J

Cute sisters

In trying to find my way, what my passion is, I seem to be leaning towards portrait photography. Although I enjoy photographing anything I enjoy people the most. The eye contact, the emotion. I really enjoy the connection with people, sharing stories and having "bonding" moments that are usually the result of taking pictures of their children or of themselves. Hopefully someday I will develop my style. Until then I will continue shooting everything and anything I can.
girls with mom

Viewed the blog of Busath Photography.
Pages read in Nikon D-700 Users Manual 90-91


Carolyn Ford said...

This is a gorgeous shot of two lovely little girls. Great Job! My newborn little grandson will have portraits taken on Tuesday morning by a friend who is so good with this kind of photography. I can't wait to watch the process. If you are interested, her website is:

snaphappee said...

These are lovely! The girls are just gorgeous! I love that little one's face cupped in her hands!

I love portraits too, although it seems as if I'm better with food or flowers. But I think I just need more people practice. I haven't found my definitive style yet either - but there's time. :-)

shirley said...

Beautiful captures - I am sure the girls love their pictures. I'm still trying to discover my style, too - not sure what it is - so I keep shooting!

Brittany said...

Great thought - style. I'm not sure, either. I thought mine was portraits but now I'm leaning more toward wall art (not landscapes - ZERO talent there) but more abstract? I dunno, like Elli said, there's time.

Judy said...

Great shots. I'm wanting to try some portraits as well.

Judy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Nice portraits Sandra.

AB said...

You must be very good with people to get the to pose like this for you


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