Wednesday, August 25, 2010

D-230 Tools of the trade. . .

2010/08/25: Make a photo of a tool today. Screwdriver. Pliers. Computer. What's the tool you find most important on a daily basis? #ds283

My tool "of the day" is this antique straight razor. Not necessarily important to me on a daily basis however it does make one think of history and how far we've come.
Imagine shaving your legs with one of those.
I know the right tools are of the utmost importance in getting terrific photographs, however if you never bother to take the time and learn your "tool" then you would have wasted great resources.

I shot this one in low light, same settings as yesterdays, I converted to black and white then I colorized. I also added a layer of texture (from my own collection). This one used to be bright green.

Images viewed: Jordan Chan


AB said...

Nice ageing effect in the post-processing.

Carolyn Ford said...

Outstanding composition and choice of processing styles!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the shaving knife that my father used to have...I like PP on this shot.

Leslie said...

Really like the feel of this!

Judy said...

Nice light and nice choice in pp.

PLPortraiture said...

I learned to use one of these in Beauty School when I was 17. It is still my tool of choice when cleaning off the neck hairs of men's haircuts. I told Ed I will be shaving his head with one soon. Need to buy one!


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