Wednesday, August 4, 2010

D-210 Texture

Flowers on linen texture. It's been a while since I used textures thought I'd try one today.
The Daily shoot: How does your garden grow? Make a photo of something growing in your or someone else's garden today.
I'm sure these grew in "someones" garden, just not mine.
Flowers on a canvas
Day 5 using my 70-200 mm (Pam's challenge to me) I might not be able to stop using this lens!
Today is Twitter Tuesday. Make sure to visit Tasra Mar and see what other photographers are up to.

Reading corner
Nikon D-700 Users Manual Pages 31-45 (set the clock, set the time zone and changed the image names)
Images Viewed: Rod Mueller


Amanda said...

I really like the linen texture!! Beautiful image!

snaphappee said...

Very nice! The linen texture makes is appear that this is already a lovely greeting card. I love what you're doing with the new gear!

shirley said...

I love the look of linen, esp as a texture. I've been catching up with your posts and I have to say I am so jealous about your new Baby! I would so love a D700, but also want that 105mm Micro lens. I'm also not sure how I would fare with a FF camera, after years of DX format.

Levonne said...

Sandra, The texture really comes through. I love experimenting with printing but I don't do it often enough. I get into a rut. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting in the past. You're invited to stop by again - A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings and Levonne's Pretty Pics - when you have a few minutes! I'd love to hear what you think of my newer work. said...

Great texture. It has an artsy feel.

Judy said...

The linen texture is perfect for delicate flowers.


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