Friday, September 3, 2010

D246 - D248 Do the lines seem a bit blurry sometimes?

Do the "lines" sometimes seem a bit blurry?
I think it's time to revamp my goals and business plan.
Technically this image is totally incorrect, but I did it intentionally.
Sometimes the lines get blurry



I've been doing lots and lots of editing and shooting. I will catch up with my blog and blogging friends as soon as I can catch my breath. Thanks for stopping by.

Interesting learning how to light glass.


snaphappee said...

I agree about needing to revamp photographic goals and plans - I'm waiting for school to start so I can get into a rhythm with my job and get back on track with my photography.

I love the way you lit the glass in the first shot. Nice work!

Judy said...

Nice shots. I love the blurry road. It's so appropriate some times.

Leslie said...

I think we all need to fall back and regroup sometimes. That first pic is perfect.

shirley said...

Beautiful images! Yes, sometimes the blur is needed - it helps you later to see more clearly.

Anonymous said...

Intentional bokeh is awesome on the first shot.

365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

Sandra, I really feel your first image. There is so much to say about how you get off track and how blurry your life seems to get when you can't walk the line just like how you want. Great photo as always! Blurry or not, I always enjoy your work!

AB said...

Crystal clear and dreamily blurred: nice contrast

Anonymous said...

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