Monday, August 2, 2010

D-209 Beauty

The daily shoot: Beauty is all around us. Make a photo of some naturally occurring beauty in your area today.

I took pictures of weeds and flowers and then this one came to visit.
This is also day 4 of using my Nikon 70-200 2.8VR lens that my friend Pam challenged me to do. I tell you what, I'm loving that lens too!


What beauty can you find in your day to day life?

Read Nikon D-700 pages 13-31


snaphappee said...

Wow! That's fabulous! The butterfly on the delicate stem is stunning, and the clarity and bokeh are just amazing!

One of my faves!!

Carolyn Ford said...

Stunning! said...

Wonderful composition and excellent use of shallow DOF to bring the focus on the subject/butterfly.

Amanda said...

Great photo! Beautiful!

Levonne said...

Lovely. I am so enjoying my 70-300mm lens too! A nice change from the 50mm.

SimplyKuni said...

70-200 2.8 is an awesome lens. I'm still saving to buy one but I know it's worth the wait. This is the first time in 10+ years that I've "saved" to buy something. :)

Love the silky smooth bokeh from that lens. Great job capturing that butterfly. Best way to learn a lens is to use it exclusively. Keep up the good work!

AB said...

Nicely captured in mid-flight.

I see we only have 156 days of reality left. I wonder what happens then - Armageddon?

Anonymous said...

This shot really shows off that new lens. your timing is just spot on too.


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