Monday, August 9, 2010

D 213-215 . . .and the beat goes on

We took off Friday to Illinois with the sole purpose of doing a Senior shoot for 2 young ladies.
I must say it was worth the trip. We had a great time and got some amazing images. They'll have great senior image for their open house.

I used a new technique learned on Ed Pierce's Photovision of shooting in sunlight using the speedlight on -1 1/3 EV, aperature mode. I think it really worked. Up until this point, flash has not been my friend.



and one of my favorites of the day:
Alex & Sarah

They are cousins and my daughter and niece. I cannot believe they are Seniors! Thanks girls we had a great time and captures some AMAZING images.

and finally . . .
#ds266 Challenge: Sympathy can be difficult to express in words. Make an image suitable for the cover of a condolence card
The Daily Shoot The daily shoot
and I almost forgot to add this one:
My new office
We've turned my craft room into an "office" for my photography business. This is the bench David & his father built. David and I upholstered the lid yesterday. It serves as a seat and storage space. Love the new color of my office.


snaphappee said...

Wonderful post! You did a great job with the ladies! That last one is really awesome! I love the new color in your office, too, and that bench is beautiful!

Levonne said...

Great images! said...

Nice portrait shots Sandra. You do great with portraits.

How do you like your D700? May be down the road I will upgrade my D70 to D700 (that should be quite an upgrade for sure).

Your office room looks real nice and you/David seems adept at upholstering besides photography.

Anonymous said...
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greygirl25 said...

Your portraits are so beautiful. Such beautiful young women.

As for the office, it rocks.


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