Saturday, August 14, 2010

D 217-219 "vision, passion and a broad perspective"

That quote come directly from David duChemin's book "Vision Mongers" which is the book I am currently reading.
According to David duChemin, vision, passion, and a broad perspective is the foundation of photography/photography business, and that you cannot learn in school.

I have neglected my blog for the past couple of days but I have not neglected my art. I have continued to take pictures every day, I continue to read my D-700 users manual (have you met anyone who enjoys reading the users manual? I do!) and I continue to study the work of other photographers. Time is such a precious commodity. It's really hard to come by. It seems like I'm burning the candle at both ends and sometimes something has to give and the last couple of days it's been the posting on this blog. I've also missed checking my friends blogs and commenting on theirs. I will catch up soon.

This is Baby Chloe. We did a studio session last night(D219). She is 3 weeks old and such a delight. I kept it nice and warm in the studio and she slept for 2 hours! This baby was a delight.
To see more from this session click on the picture it will take you to my flickr. There are several more there.
in vintage crate My favorite lens to use for this shoot was the 50mm, Nikon D-700 of coarse. 2 studio lights and one reflector

D-218, Kristen is from a Senior Shoot we did on Thursday. We had a blast and she was so much fun to photograph.
Kristen - love the bokeh (I love the bokeh on this one and she looks great!) More on my flickr
My favorite lens to use for this session was the 70-200 mm Nikon D-700 of coarse, flash at -1 1/3

D-217 Scoping out locations for senior shoot. What do you think about his place?
Stay tuned . . .

I think that brings me up to date on the images. Now I'll try to catch up with your blogs.

I've read the current issue of RangeFinder for inspitation
and I've also read the current issue of PROFESSIONAL photographer from cover to cover.
Nikon D-700 Users Manual pages 53-74


Leslie said...

I have had to take a blog break too for a bit. Life...gets in the way of fun sometimes :) Love the baby and the senior. Paige said she loves the senior's eyes :o)

snaphappee said...

Great catch up post! You've been doing fabulous work! Those photos of sweet baby Chloe are amazing! I love the fun feeling in the senior shots!

Anonymous said...

we all have to catch up once in a while and key thing is to keep the photography going -no photos, leaves you with nothing for the blog. said...

Good work with your lens Sandra (as always) and good to see your blog posts.

greygirl25 said...

Thank you for your candor. I'm dying here trying to keep everything going.

The baby photo is probably the best I have ever seen. Nice comp, nice lighting... truly great work.


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