Tuesday, August 10, 2010

D-216 Keeping the Vision clear

I've been reading Vision Mongers by David DuChemin and it's been very inspirational.
He's constantly reminding me to never lose sight of my dream. Sometimes the busyness of life clutters my sight.

I love girly girls and this one is definitely a girly girl!
She loves tea party's and dressing up. We had another Tea Party.

Tea Time with a Princess

Don't forget it's Twitter Tuesday at Tasra Mar
Read: Nikon D-700 Users Manual pgs 53-74
Also half way through my Rangefinder magazine. Talk about inspiration!
Images viewed: I've been studying posing from advertisements.


my3rdI.org said...

Nice shot of Isabella playing dress up & tea party.

Looks like she's really involved in her play - that's what you need with kids. Give them something, they really like to do, and you are presented with wonderful photo ops :)

snaphappee said...

What a precious moment! I love the updo and the hair band. Did they all enjoy their tea? :-)

I also love the fact that you've been studying posing from advertisements - I do the same thing! When I sit in a waiting room waiting for a kid at this appointment or that I look through the magazines and study the photos. lol.

Judy said...

What a nice scene. Very emotive.

greygirl25 said...

She is adorable.

It's nice to see little girls having a tea party with their stuffies.

Beautiful image.

Anonymous said...
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http://deliciousinspirations.blogspot.com said...

Beautiful work ...
Love and light

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, so beautifully composed. Awesome


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