Monday, March 8, 2010

D66- Learning how to balance ambient light

I think I'm officially stalking Dustin Diaz' Flickr photostream.
I am learning to embrace all of the night lights.
David is a patient man - really I don't know anyone who would do the things he does for me and for my photography. Here it is late Sunday night and we are practicing night photography. Thanks Baby.

I did not take my speed light so I had to use the on camera flash. Since I've been reading my field guide I've learned how to control that flash. I toned it down a bit. I wanted to capture and bokeh the street and car lights in the distance and still keep the subject in balance. There was also a neon light throwing a red glow our way. I don't have it yet but I'm getting there.

David ambient lightrs
in black & white
David ambient lightrsbw
and this was just for fun. I took a lot of these in different colors.

PG 76-77 Focus points and Metering
Looked at images in Gold Book Photography and Dustin Diaz


Amanda said...

Your lighting looks great! I like the b&w version the best.

Gary Schmeidler said...

I need to check out that flickr site Sandra. Nicely done, I really like the b/w was well!

snaphappee said...

You're doing great with this!! I think if you did it with your speedlight it would be even more gooder, but this looks great! When I first saw it, before I read your post, I thought, "It looks like Dustin Diaz!" (the work - not the lovely subject)

Jennifer said...

fun.. Hello Dave.


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