Friday, March 19, 2010

D-78 Friday Photo Challenge "colors of spring"

Today's challenge is "The color of spring" and I must say it was a challenge for me. I had to think hard. Then I thought, when my mother in law has her Easter decorations out then I know it's spring. She has a talent for decorating her house EVERY season. It's very cheerful.
Most of these are pretty old but as her (our) family grows so does the amount of eggs in this basket. Every single person that is or has been a part of our family has an egg in the basket. Beautiful traditions.

These little guys sit on her fire place mantel.
Easter Eggs

Thanks Jan for making these traditions so wonderful!
Thanks for letting me come by and take pictures anytime I want - Love ya!

Pages Read in The Hot Shoe Diaries - big light from small flashes, Joe McNally : 18 - 22

Inspirations: Professional Photographer March 2010


Jamie said...

The photos turned out great... and I love the little character eggs. How fun!!!

Jennifer said...

Fun to have character eggs!!
Neat to have names on each eggs. Which one is Isabella's??

snaphappee said...

What great spring colors! I just love that second shot! Those guys are so cute!


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