Friday, March 12, 2010

D-71 Friday Challenge - Lucky Charm or Green

This is a little wood carving was made by an old work mate. His hobby was carving wood. He made all kinds and I planned on getting a collection but after he retired I didn't know how to get a hold of him. I even ordered the police officer from him but like I said we lost contact.
Here is my green for the Friday challenge.


Background are some crystal glasses with Christmas lights in and around them. I also used a green gel light to light the background. To light the little guy I used Nikon Flash off camera, set it at TTL and balanced fill flash (learned that reading the Nikon D300 field guide) My true inspiration of coarse is Dustin Diaz.

Pages read:138-146 Flash fill/bounce flash/Nikon Creative lighting system. More about lights
Photographers work admired: Dane Sanders


PLPortraiture said...

LUVIN' the COLOR and the BOKEH!!!

... and of course that lil' leprachaun!

Amanda said...

Lovely job on this..great bokeh!

snaphappee said...

Awesome, awesome work! Thanks for all the info!

Amanda said...

AWESOME!! Love your background!

Jennifer said...

Awesome~~> Love that!


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