Tuesday, March 16, 2010

D-75 Floating strawberry

Floating fruit I followed a tutorial on DIY Photography. Link is at the end of this post. Mostly just for fun and see how it would turn out. Not exactly how I envisioned it but not bad for a first attempt.
floating strawberryrs

Remnant of a Clematis

Textures by Shadowhouse Creations

Images viewed: Jim Patterson Flickr
Other inspiration:DIY Photography
Pages read in the Nikon D300 Digital Field Guide: pages 234-256 I cannot believe I've finished this book!
I've had this book for 2 years and all it took was for me to hold myself accountable and document on this blog what pages I've read. Less than one month and I've completely read the Nikon D300 Digital Field Guide! I've learned so much about my camera with this book. Wooohooo I'm pretty excited about that. I also just finished reading The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Now I'll try to watch the movie.
I think the next book I'll be reading is The hot shoe Diaries by Joe McNally. To learn about speed lights/SB800 & SB600
Thanks for following me along in my journey to perfect my craft.


snaphappee said...

Great stuff!! I love the strawberry!!

Congrats on getting through your book! You are doing so well with all the aspects of this challenge!

snaphappee said...

Oh, and I love the first clematis puffball shot - I want to touch it!

Amanda said...

Great job with the floating strawberry! The other images is great too!

Jennifer said...

Wow.. strawberry.. cool! Glad you posted the link or I would wonder how? ha ha..



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