Saturday, March 13, 2010

D-72 Following the smoke trail & Portraits by request

Smoke project
The smoke is from an incense the color is from a gel that I put on a speed light, which is the only lighting used in these images.
Smoke trail


Dave sees the figure of a woman with a hat on this one. Do you see it?

Light to the camera left with a red gel.
Nikon D-300, 50MM lens, ISO 500, 1/100S @ F/5.6

Just learning this was my first attempt.
Dave saw how the images were turning out and he's always wanted a portrait with that type of lighting so we experimented some more
and he really loves these. Jan, the first one's for you

Lighting for these is
Nikon D300, F/14, 1/80s, ISO 500, 50MM

Pages Read in the Nikon Digital field guide: 147-154 Lights and light modifiers.

Images viewed: http: Poopoorama's PhotosOther inspiration:


snaphappee said...

Awesome!! I love that first smoke one! I kinda see where he's getting the lady and the hat thing. Great job on that lighting!

PLPortraiture said...

As the Teens would say...

Amanda said...

Very cool!! GREAT work!!

Gary Schmeidler said...

Excellent, all of them but especially like the first smoke image and the last one of Dave.

Gallow said...

My favorite of this bunch is the last one. I like the black and white. The lighting is superb!!! Thank you for the tips the other day about lighting.

Asiam Designs Photography said...

Really nice. I love these. Can you teach me how to do this? Wow Sandra, you are always exploring new things. You are so inspirational to me.

Jennifer said...



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