Friday, March 5, 2010

D-64 Friday Photo Challenge

The Challenge is to recreate a photo you love!
Well not so much that I love this photo but I love the work this photographer has done. Dustin Diaz is a magician when it comes to lights. Strobist. I was going to try and recreate one of the images with a person in it but I didn't have the model and it worked better that way because I have to learn a lot more about speed lights.

So I give you my red shoe and some blue bokeh.
red shoe & bokeh

red shoe & bokeh2

This is the image I tried to duplicate Dustin Diaz

Dustin used a blue gel and 2 speedlights. I used a blue cover on a slave light, which the only way I can control the amount of light is by physically moving it closer or farther away.

Not exactly successful but getting closer. I went to 2 photography stores looking for light gels and they seem to be discontinuing them. The search continues. I used the SB-800 1/14 -1/3 EV 85mm.
Nikon D-300 ISO 200, 1/125S, F/3.2 & 50mm lens.

Thanks to Agent Firefly for his help with these images.

pages: 74-75
Pictures looked at: Who else's but Dustin Diaz


Gallow said...

The set up feels like the shoes are on a stage looking out to the shining lights. I like the coloring and the bokeh.

Studio lighting is something that I have no experience. It seems very interesting. Any suggestions on where to start?

snaphappee said...

Awesome! The first is my favorite. I'm not usually a fan of angled photos, but for this one I think it's perfect - it adds to the sense I get of someone's dream coming true. Great work!

Sandra said...

Steve, lighting is very tricky to me. I'm just now learning it. I've got a long way to go. I recommend you read/study here

he breaks it down in an easy to understand format.

Asiam Designs Photography said...

You know how to take it there. Very nice. I feel like I am ready to hear a beginnig to a hot song. Excellent bokeh and color - maybe you can teach me that technique with the gels etc. Love it.

Jennifer said...

Agree with Gallow.. leading itself on stage.. look too real.

(myself know nothing with lighting, looks good though!)


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