Saturday, March 6, 2010

D-65 What's in a name? Flower

Well if you're a flower a lot of scientific stuff. Unfortunately I walked out of the florist with out asking the name.

My in-laws gave me a monetary gift for my birthday. I happened to have planned a day for myself in Chicago. Just me. On the way home I found this amazing flower shop. So with that gift I splurged and bought myself several different flowers.
To my in-laws, Janice & Alex: Thanks for the gift. I will take many pictures of my beautiful flower and they will last forever in pictures. Everytime I look at them I will remember the generous gift you gave me. Just for me. Thank you so much and I love you both.




If anyone knows what kind of flower this is please send me the name.

In the studio I used 2 speed lights to light up the background and a softbox for the subject.
F6.3, 1/100S, ISO 200, Macro lens 28-105 @105

Read pg 76 - Focus points
Today I looked at images in magazines at Barnes & Nobles book store

I ran 8 miles today - in my training toward a marathon.


snaphappee said...

Beautiful shots!! This looks like a chrysanthemum (like the one I shot yesterday). Mums come in many varieties, and I love them! But yours is a lovely, lovely color!

Jennifer said...

Dang it... Mum! usual be used for fall homecoming to wear at football game.. Umm...

Love the color, more so wow way you captured.. have white in there.

Asiam Designs Photography said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL....


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