Wednesday, May 27, 2009

208/365 Another flower

Here is a color I don't remember from last year. I'm assuming I planted it there but I sure don't remember that color. Oh well, I like it.
I need to do some de-weeding in my flower beds really bad.


Jennifer said...

wow pretty color!!

I best check iris here.. I last peeked was not yet bloomed.. so best one when I look again.

snaphappee said...

That is a beautiful color! I'm hoping to plant some irises this year - my MIL might divide hers. I would love to have grass AND flowers next year!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! I love the rich colors!

Eric L said...

Wow, you've been getting some great flowers!

One thing, I'd open the aperture a tad more, to lessen some of that dof (though not too much)


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