Wednesday, May 6, 2009

187/365 It's a zoo around here . . .

Just because,
I was running late today,
just because I was trying to get the picture before it got dark outside,
just because I had not idea what to take a picture of today,
just because . . .
I give you hungry, hungry hippo. Don't remember what these are called. One goes inside the other, goes inside the other. It's a zoo around here, here's the proof.

Good night.


Jennifer said...

Love that kind thingy.. not sure what it called.. Cool theme with the zoo animals.

neat snapshots!!

Amanda said...

That makes me smile! Great set-up.

Tess said...

Stacking dolls...but there is another name for them...some kind of russian doll...grrr I can't remember!

snaphappee said...

That's really nice! I love your layout and the variety in your photos!

We've always called them nesting dolls.

Brittany said...

Those are adorable! Nesting dolls - that's what they're called. Go Elli!


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