Saturday, May 16, 2009

196/365 A tough cookie

First of all - I miscounted last week some time. So today's post makes 196!

Second of all I finished the wedding images (finally) and Alan & Tosha love them so I'm happy! Woohoo (they did turn out really nice). Now I have 2 sessions waiting to be edited.
Today's images are of Princess Isabella. Yeap she's a tough cookie. I'll say "Isabella, can I take your picture today?" she usually replies "No" and runs off. If I'm already taking pictures of something she'll yell and I'll say, "I'm not taking pictures of you!" So her new thing is saying "No, not you!" when she sees me with the camera.
However, once in awhile, she'll surprise me and let me take her picture. Today was one of those days and I really wasn't prepared. So I used flash and the curtains were opened and the backdrop didn't match and she had your p.j.'s on but oh well . .
Technically not a good image, but a great image for a grandma and mom and papa.

THANKS TO MY FRIEND PAM LOPEZ FOR THAT GREAT BACKDROP - she gave it to me! I'm really happy with it. I can't wait to see what kind of uses I can get out of it.


Jennifer said...

Sweet lil Isabella! She is full of surprises!

(can see changes in her face, grew lot!)

Brittany said...

That last one is PRICELESS! She gets cuter and cuter every day!

Jennifer said...

Also cool background!!

Eric L said...

Lol, "Not you!" made me crack up!


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