Thursday, May 7, 2009

188/365 Find Beauty everyday . . .

Flowers are Macro shots. They are teeney tiny flowers. One is even a weed.
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To my friends and family who need these words, here ya go. . . .

Let yourself feel the pain of losing. Grieve for a friendship that's over or a parent who has died. Pour out the anguish that comes with being fired from your job, laying a beloved animal to rest, having your pride and your stature and your belongings stripped away from you. Feel how much it hurts. Take absolutely as long as you need. Cry and wail. sob and fall to the floor if you must; put everything else aside while your tears flow. Scream and bang your fists against something soft and cry out why?, knowing there isn't really an answer you can wrap your brain around. Grieve for the loss of a part of yourself. When you're empty, when the grieving subsides, remember that spring always follows winter and that every time something dies, something else is born. "365 Words of Well-Being for Women by Rachel Snyder"

We love ya.


snaphappee said...

Beautiful flowers, and well presented.

To you and your loved ones who are hurting, I offer my sincere sympathy. Sandra, you are one of my treasured friends, and I will be praying for you.

Tess said...

Beautiful, Sandra! I hope and pray that your days get easier. You are a sweet person and deserve happiness!

Eric L said...

Sandra, I am truly sorry for your losses these past days, and I pray for you and those close to those whom are gone.

You have a great collage, and goes well with your chosen words


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