Tuesday, May 5, 2009

186/365 My Bleeding Heart

Does anyone know what happened to my bleeding hearts? This plant used to be so full of blooms and greenery and this year it's given very few blooms.
any ideas?
Shot with natural light using my 50mm 1.4


Amanda said...

Beautiful shot!! I love bleeding hearts! Yours is way ahead of mine! I don't have any advice, I'm lucky to have any of my plants still alive! ;)

snaphappee said...

I can't tell why your bleeding heart is struggling (as I think you know, I don't have any flowers) but it sure is pretty. Mom's bleeding hearts are just growing - no blossoms even thinking about peeking out yet. Mom's have been in her yard longer than she has, and they're doing fine...dunno what the deal would be with yours.

Jennifer said...

Pretty shot.. Funny because I just took pix of that yesterday (didn't post) I took other one today (white).

Pretty sure we will see more of them in time.

Brittany said...

Those colors are amazing! What a pretty shot!

Eric L said...

Hmmm, no idea what that is, or anything about it, haha, me and my not-so-green thumb

Love the shot though!


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